Historic Restoration

Hist PresModern Materials, Old World Craftmanship

The objective of Historic Preservation is to protect, stabalize & maintain the existing structure of historic places while preserving the heritage value of the structure.

Anglo Restoration & Refinishing are dedicated, experienced professionals that have helped restore & maintain several historical structures. We strive to maintain the historical character & integrity of the structure through a creative & appropriate selection of refinishing methods, specifications & techniques, proper planning & proven methods with expert execution to ensure a successful outcome & desired results.

Historic Brownstone RestorationHistoric Brownstone Restoration

Restoration = Action process of accurately revealing/recovering or representing the state of a historic place or of an individual component as it appeared at a particular period in it’s history.

Assessing the historic character of various spaces to identify the most important architectural features & finishes is an important first step prior to interior finishing work.

The restoration of a Brownstone will significantly raise the value of the property. The wood restoration process will add warmth & atmosphere as well as bringing new life into the structure.

Creative & appropriate selection of refinishing methods, specifications & techniques, have the consolation of preserving the elements for future generations. These techniques bring out the natural beauty & maintain the historic character & integrity.